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4 years ago, for...prosperity?

Takin' a civic duty.

I voted today! It was hot as balls but I rode my bike and had sweaty helmet hair. Haha. After I voted, I put the sticker on my bike helmet! On a non-sweaty part, of course.

Also, the real earth-shattering detail for me about today is....I changed my party affiliation! Or...I am now affiliated with a party. When I first registered, I felt edgy and punk rock about being independent. Haha. Now, I am old and things that the city council and local representatives do matter to me, and affect my everyday life. It's easy to be an asshole when you're young and don't know if you'll be living in the same city or state for much longer. These days I want to get my hand in the shark-infested pond, my balls in the wine dipping party, my...vote in the local elections. Hahaha.

So now, a week before my 28th birthday, I feel like a real live adult. Or something.


I had a crazy, emotional, awesome, weird, busy week. I went to Utah to see family that I hadn't seen since my dad died. The Mountain Bike Series had it's last race. The weather has gotten notably colder.

Yet I still have that feeling I had in early June, like, taking a big breath to get ready for a huge plunge. And while I feel that, I still have that feeling of cold beer going down my tired throat after the Grinder, the Dead Dog, the Enduro and now the Series. It's weird!

I have been so busy (in the best way) this summer that now that it's ending, it's weird! I'm kind of mourning all that stuff I worked my ass off to do. I kind of miss being stressed out...kind of. :) Our (our being the Laramie Mountain Bike Series) big bbq party (with KEGS) is tomorrow. That ought to be fun, and full of closure or some shit. I get so bummed out after the Series ends.

There's still one big (?) race on the 26th. I thought it was going to be a bit low-key, but it's looking pretty serious. I'm not too worried. I just have to head up registration and timing and figure those details out. It shouldn't be too hard, just a bit more intense than I originally thought.

Two days after that race is my birthday. My goll dern Golden Birthday. 28 on the 28th. I should do something awesome that day.

Damn you, August!


RIP Tony Sly! A dude whose music I've loved for a long-ass time. I'm lucky I still have that crusty Pokemon shirt that I wore to the Warped Tour ages ago, still bearing Tony's signature in black Sharpie. Dang.

Some of Tony's lyrics, which are oddly appropriate:

It's too late to talk to you
And it's too soon to say good-bye
Listen where ever you may be
You still live inside my mind

Something tells me that you are free again
In a place that feels like home

It's never easy to understand
Why memories hold our hand
But people let go

Here is my shirt that he signed:

The Enduro

Here is a link to my tumblr pics from today: http://highplainsflotsam.tumblr.com/post/28232999872/my-day-at-the-laramie-enduro-i-was-a-gatekeeper

I will put more deetz here later. I'm just too derped out to do it now!

A piece.

I can tell you how that water smells, it's wake patterns and the wildlife (both aquatic and fauna/flora) that live in this specific area.

I might get to drive back through this place next month. This is Flaming Gorge, where I spent about...a third of my life.

A bit bittersweet.

Nappin' with pigs.

I've had a few slow days in the work department lately. This is due to the Tour de Wyoming, which is not occurring around here! (but there is a big race in just over a week that will be keeping me pretty busy)

Anyway. I've been bumming around at home a lot this week. It's been...uh, boring. Haha. Especially while Seth is at work. So I like to hassle the pigs a bit. It's always so ideal in their room! Warm in the winter, cool in the summer. They have the best room in the house, the lucky bastards. Since they have that great stable temperature, they tend to nap at the same time in the day. Which is early afternoon. When I am all alone and bored at that time and I go to bother the pigs and THEY are all napping, it is only natural that I join them.

So I go turn on the fan in the bedroom, which blows into the pig room a little to help keep things cool in there, and it gets super quiet in our house for a few hours. Haha. It's pretty silly but also kind of cute. When I wake up and the pigs are up, I give them treats. How adorable.

There's that story! I will not be napping with the pigs today as I actually have some work! Woot! Seth is leaving for his last work camping trip of the summer. He will be back on Monday. I'm glad I have stuff to do while he is gone, otherwise it gets pretty booooring for almost 4 days without him. His last trip happened during the Dead Dog, so I was too busy to notice that he was gone, lol.

Bah. Anyway. *sips coffee* Cheers!
I was feeling grumpy this morning about the helmet thing, and a parent called me at some time before 7:30, but then I drank a few cups of coffee and it was a magical transformation. I left pretty early, so I took a leisurely bike ride down to the office. It was actually quite nice!

I schlepped a box of helmets to the parking lot and waited. I saw several interesting birds while I waited, and I yammered with the lawyer lady who also has an office in the building. Pleasant!

The first lady who came to get a helmet for her son was STOKED. She even hugged me! That made me feel pretty special, like I was some kind of Bike Safety Superheroine. Haha. Slowly, more people came to collect their helmets. I never got rushed or had a crowd, it was nice! And because it was early, all the kids were calm and not going crazy like they were on the 4th. I daresay I even had a bit of fun! Some of the kids were very friendly and we had a good time.

A handful of parents didn't show up, which was a bummer because those kids need helmets! I'm sure I will hear from them later. Ain't no thang.

I am glad it went well. I was really worried that it would suck, and even my boss was worried lol. I will be happy to report this good news to him!

The only unpleasant aspect was the bike ride back home. It was hot and sweaty. But I got some pre-mixed Cosmo stuff, so all is well. :)

Fires are pretty fucking awful around here. There are tent cities of firefighters from places other than Wyoming (as far as California!) down the street from me. All of Albany County is under Evacuation Prep. Ashes are falling from the sky. It is scary!

On Tuesday I met with my site director and asked if we could donate the leftover soda from the Dead Dog to the local evacuees. He was definitely down, so I schlepped like, 100 cans of pop to their evacuation center. I was a little nervous: as I drove into the fairgrounds, there were many Red Cross vehicles and the parking lot was PACKED with county 5 (that's Albany county, which is where the fires are! And where Laramie is!) cars and trucks. I steeled myself for some depressing shit and brought one load of soda into the building (which was plastered with NO MEDIA ENTRANCE signs). I walked into a big herfy meeting being presented by some national State of Emergency dudes. I found a Red Cross person and told them I had stuff to donate, and they were all STOKED. So that made me feel better.

Also, the families hanging out in there were fairly chill, so it was not a scene of major bummer. It seemed like the entire community has come together to really help these evacuees, which was awesome. I gave my contact info to the Red Cross people, and they said to check back for further needs.

I left feeling like I did so little, but still like I helped quite a bit. And now I am not so freaked out by these situations. It's just people helping people, natural and not weird. I definitely plan on helping more, but holy shit I hope these fires end in a hurry.

Seth and I discussed our evacuation plan (which is very unlikely, but...fucking possible right now). I kind of want to be that person who stands on the yard with a hose blasting the house, shouting THE HELL WITH YOU, FIRE. So hopefully it won't come to that. ;) Furthermore, I am horrified just thinking about what to do with the pigs if we do have to pack out. Bah.

So on that note, happy Independence Day. Eat popcicles. Grill things if that's still legal where you are. Send some vibes to the firefighters in Wyoming, living in tents down the street from me working their asses off. They are doing the Lord's work for sure. And of course, keep all the evacuees in your thoughts. I can't even imagine what they are going through.

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